Monday, September 21, 2009

Types of betting

1. A multi bet (several games on one ticket) is the most common. Usually minimum is 3 games or more on a same ticket. Winning varies, depending of the odds and number of games. Bad thing is that you have to predict correctly all the games on the ticket.

2. A single bet. Should choose only one game with a high odd per ticket.

3. A system ticket. By playing a system (full combinations) will have more chances to win, but the winning ammout would be lower. When making a system ticket, will have to calculate how many combinations are in it and add games with particular odds so the wining ammount with a minimum combinations and odds should cover the money you've putted in (e.g. you're playing a system 2 of a 4 = 6 combinations, to cover your money with 1 combinations you'll need an average odds of 2.45, but with 3 games = 3 combinations won you'll need an average odds of 1.45). To accomplish this and get a higher winnings, you might add one or more games outside (before) the games in the system.
Most of the bookers allows a double system (eg. you're playing 8 games, first system is 2 of a 4 and the second system 2 of a 4, both on the same ticket = 6x6=36 combinations). Some bookers allows even triple systems (eg. 2/4-2/4-2/4 = 12 games = 6x6x6 = 216 combinations)

4. A betting system. This might be a single bet, multi bet or a system ticket but the meaning of this is to use some schema when betting. A sample is the progresive betting on a same team until it scores X result and doubles the betting ammount every time the team plays untill the result X is achieved (ussually odds for X are 2.50 and higher, so you're winning totally x0.50 of the invested)

5. Handicaps and other (shortened) system tickets