Monday, April 11, 2011

My recent systems

Yesterday, I've started utilizing a new system betting. It consists of four matches per ticket (3/4) with average odds of about 1.70 but the odds doesn't really matters since you'll have to have 4.00 or more with 3 matches.

The system itself is about the way of plaing a bet, not the ticket itself. I'm placing 5$ per ticket initially. As I won 8$ with 3 matches yesterday, today ticket I'll place for 8$. If I won 3 matches I'll get 14$, will draw my initial 5$ and place the next one for 9$. If 4 matches are correctly predicted the maximum winning will be somewhat 36$. In this case I'll draw my initial bet x 2 eg. 5$ x 2 =10$, place a bet for half of the rest in the next ticket 13$ and draw back 13$ net profit in my pocket. And so on for the next cycle. In case I'll loose I'll start over again with one half more than I've started the first time.

This sounds a bit messy, but there is a logic in this (and is mathematicaly correct).

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